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Co-Designing QuickPic: Automated Topic-Specific Communication Boards from Photographs for AAC-Based Language Instruction

Mauricio Fontana de Vargas, Christina Yu, Howard C. Shane, and Karyn Moffatt
CHI 2024 | Acceptance rate: 26%

Navigating the Maze of Routine Disruption: Exploring How Older Adults Living Alone Navigate Barriers to Establishing and Maintaining Physical Activity Habits

Muhe Yang, and Kary Moffatt
CHI 2024 | Acceptance rate: 26%

In-Home Respite Care Services Available to Families With Palliative Care Needs in Quebec: Novel Digital Environmental Scan

Aimee Castro, Gabrielle Lalonde-LeBlond, Zelda Freitas, Antonia Arnaert, Vasiliki Bitzas, John Kildea, Karyn Moffatt, Devon Phillips, Lorne Wiseblatt, Audrey-Jane Hall, and Argerie Tsimicalis
JMIR nursing. 2024, 7: e53078

A Systematic Search of Publicly Available mHealth Apps for Respite Care Coordination

Aimee Castro, Joche B. Londono Velez, Tracy Ngheim, Karyn Moffatt, Antonia Arnaert, Ariana Pagnotta, Ariane Gautrin, and Argerie Tsimicalis
Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics. 2024, 19(1): 1–27


Library Services Enriching Community Engagement for Dementia Care: The Tales & Travels Program at a Canadian Public Library as a Case Study

Jiamin Dai, Joan C Bartlett, and Karyn Moffatt
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. 2023, 55(1): 123–136

“Informal caregiver” in nursing: an evolutionary concept analysis

Aimee R Castro, Antonia Arnaert, Karyn Moffatt, John Kildea, Vasiliki Bitzas, and Argerie Tsimicalis
Advances in Nursing Science. 2023, 46(1): E29–E42

Validation of an Improved Vision-Based Web Page Parsing Pipeline

Michael Cormier, Robin Cohen, Richard Mann, Karyn Moffatt, Daniel Vogel, Mengfei Liu, and Shangshang Zheng
ACM Transactions on the Web. 2023, Online first: 21-Jan-23

Enriching Social Sharing for the Dementia Community: Insights from In-Person and Online Social Programs

Jiamin Dai, and Karyn Moffatt
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing. 2023, 16(1): 11, 1–33

Cognitive Accessibility of Digital Payments: A Literature Review

Jiamin Dai, John Miedema, Sebastian Hernandez, Alexandra Sutton-Lalani, and Karyn Moffatt
W4A 2023 | Acceptance rate: 50%

Information and Communication Technologies to Support the Provision of Respite Care Services: Scoping Review

Aimee R Castro, Lydia Ould Brahim, Qirong Chen, Antonia Arnaert, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Karyn Moffatt, John Kildea, Vasiliki Bitzas, Carolyn Pang, Audrey-Jane Hall, Véronique Després, and Argerie Tsimicalis
JMIR nursing. 2023, 6(1): e44750

Guidelines for Designing Social Networking Sites for Older Adults: A Systematic Review with Thematic Synthesis

Amira Ghenai, Philips Ayeni, Jing Yu, Robin Cohen, and Karyn Moffatt
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing. 2023, 16(3): 19, 1–23


Designing for Relational Maintenance: New Directions for AAC Research

Jiamin Dai, Karyn Moffatt, Jinglan Lin, and Khai Truong
CHI 2022 | Acceptance rate: 25%

AAC with Automated Vocabulary from Photographs: Insights from School and Speech-Language Therapy Settings.

Mauricio Fontana de Vargas, Jiamin Dai, and Karyn Moffatt
ASSETS 2022 | Acceptance rate: 27% | Best Student Paper and Best Artifact


Technology Adoption and Learning Preferences for Older Adults: Evolving Perceptions, Ongoing Challenges, and Emerging Design Opportunities

Carolyn Pang, Zhiqin Collin Wang, Joanna McGrenere, Rock Leung, Jiamin Dai, and Karyn Moffatt
CHI 2021 | Acceptance rate: 26%

Surfacing the Voices of People with Dementia: Strategies for Effective Inclusion of Proxy Stakeholders in Qualitative Research

Jiamin Dai, and Karyn Moffatt
CHI 2021 | Acceptance rate: 26%

e-Health for Older Adults: Navigating Misinformation.

Amira Ghenai, Xueguang Ma, Robin Cohen, Karyn Moffatt, Andy Yang, and Yipeng Ji
ICT4AWE 2021

Automated Generation of Storytelling Vocabulary from Photographs for use in AAC

Mauricio Fontana de Vargas, and Karyn Moffatt
ACL 2021 | Acceptance rate: 21%

Developing an mHealth Application to Coordinate Nurse-Provided Respite Care Services for Families Coping with Palliative-Stage Cancer: Protocol for a User-Centered Design Study

Aimee R Castro, Antonia Arnaert, Karyn Moffatt, John Kildea, Vasiliki Bitzas, and Argerie Tsimicalis
JMIR Research Protocols. 2021, 10(12): e34652


The Role of a Location-Based City Exploration Game in Digital Placemaking

Carolyn Pang, Carman Neustaedter, Karyn Moffatt, Kate Hennessy, and Rui Pan
Behaviour & Information Technology. 2020, 39(6): 624–647

Making Space for Social Sharing: Insights from a Community-Based Social Group for People with Dementia

Jiamin Dai, and Karyn Moffatt
CHI 2020 | Acceptance rate: 24%

Addressing Misinformation in Online Social Networks: Diverse Platforms and the Potential of Multiagent Trust Modeling

Robin Cohen, Karyn Moffatt, Amira Ghenai, Andy Yang, Margaret Corwin, Gary Lin, Raymond Zhao, Yipeng Ji, Alexandre Parmentier, and Jason P’ng
Information. 2020, 11(11): 539, 1–40

Improving Viewing of Webpages for Users with Assistive Needs: Insights into Offline Testing

Michael Cormier, Robin Cohen, Karyn Moffatt, and Anthony Chan
WI-IAT 2020


Effects of Aging on Small Target Selection with Touch Input

Afroza Sultana, and Karyn Moffatt
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS). 2019, 12(1): 1, 1–35


Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices for Aphasia: The Emerging Role of “Smart” Mobile Devices

Karyn Moffatt, Golnoosh Pourshahid, and Ronald M Baecker
Universal Access in the Information Society. 2017, 16: 115–128

Testing the Usability, Usefulness, and User Experience of Tabletalk Poker, A Social Game for Seniors

Karyn Moffatt, Nicholas Shim, Jeremy P Birnholtz, and Ronald M Baecker
Games user research: A case study approach

A Framework for Negotiating Ethics in Sensitive Settings: Hospice as a Case Study

Robert Ferguson, Emily Crist, and Karyn Moffatt
Interacting with Computers. 2017, 29(1): 10–26

Differences in Crowdsourced vs. Lab-Based Mobile and Desktop Input Performance Data

Leah Findlater, Joan Zhang, Jon E Froehlich, and Karyn Moffatt
CHI 2017 | Acceptance rate: 25%

Comparing Touchscreen and Mouse Input Performance by People With and Without Upper Body Motor Impairments

Leah Findlater, Karyn Moffatt, Jon E Froehlich, Meethu Malu, and Joan Zhang
CHI 2017 | Acceptance rate: 25%

Towards an Improved Vision-Based Web Page Segmentation Algorithm

Michael Cormer, Richard Mann, Karyn Moffatt, and Robin Cohen
CRV 2017


Information Practices and User Interfaces: Student Use of an iOS Application in Special Education

Carrie Demmans Epp, Rhonda McEwen, Rachelle Campigotto, and Karyn Moffatt
Education and Information Technologies. 2016, 21: 1433–1456

Purely Vision-Based Segmentation of Web Pages for Assistive Technology

Michael Cormier, Karyn Moffatt, Robin Cohen, and Richard Mann
Computer Vision and Image Understanding. 2016, 148: 46–66

Persuasive Technology for Health and Wellness: State-of-the-Art and Emerging Trends

Rita Orji, and Karyn Moffatt
Health informatics journal. 2016, 24(1): 66–91

The Cost of Turning Heads: A Comparison of a Head-Worn Display to a Smartphone for Supporting Persons with Aphasia in Conversation

Kristin Williams, Karyn Moffatt, Jonggi Hong, Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah, and Leah Findlater
ASSETS 2016 | Acceptance rate: 24%


Designing Conversation Cues on a Head-Worn Display to Support Persons with Aphasia

Kristin Williams, Karyn Moffatt, Denise McCall, and Leah Findlater
CHI 2015 | Acceptance rate: 23%


Craving, Creating, and Constructing Comfort: Insights and Opportunities for Technology in Hospice

Robert Douglas Ferguson, Michael Massimi, Emily Anne Crist, and Karyn Anne Moffatt
CSCW 2014 | Acceptance rate: 27% | Best of CSCW Award


Older-Adult HCI: Why Should We Care?

Karyn Moffatt
Interactions. 2013, 20(4): 72–75

Connecting Grandparents and Grandchildren

Karyn Moffatt, Jessica David, and Ronald M Baecker
Connecting families: The impact of new communication technologies on domestic life


Towards Providing Just-In-Time Vocabulary Support for Assistive and Augmentative Communication

Carrie Demmans Epp, Justin Djordjevic, Shimu Wu, Karyn Moffatt, and Ronald M Baecker
IUI 2012 | Acceptance rate: 23%

Technologies for Aging Gracefully

Ronald M Baecker, Karyn Moffatt, and Michael Massimi
Interactions. 2012, 19(3): 32–36

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